Ceramaxx Guitars

Welcome to Ceramaxx Guitars, specializing in hand crafted custom ceramic guitars. I build a select few a year for collectors and musicians who are looking for a new sound or individual uniqueness. These guitars truly stand alone. There is nothing to compare with their tone, resonance, sustain and amp interaction.

The Basic Ceramaxx design is built with the guitarist in mind. The hollow body is well balanced, averaging 9 pounds, and fits comfortably standing or sitting ensuring ease of access to all notes.

Customizing the Ceramaxx Guitar includes your choice of neck wood, pickups, and custom artwork on the guitar.

Ceramaxx Guitars are continuously "in the works." If you don't see one in stock that you like, contact us and we will help you create your own unique, signature Ceramaxx Guitar.

"I find that the timeless beauty of ceramics speaks for itself and I hope you enjoy these rare specialty guitars as much as I do."

Tim Mills

Fall Guitar Scene